Brief history about how and when it started


"PAAC" (PARENTS ASSOCIATION FOR AUTISTIC CHILDREN) registered under the Societies Registration Act 1960 on February 24th 2004 with registration No: 630/2004 is a parent group.

In 2004 there was lack of awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder among the medical fraternity and general population.

There was a severe dearth of Professionals specially trained in Autism in Hyderabad.

Children with ASD could not adjust to mainstream schools and special schools could not cater to their individual specific requirements.

Therefore a threshold had to be built to accommodate these children the motto being to train the children according to their need.

We started a full time Activity Centre for Autism in June 2004.

We were guided by Jayashree Ramesh (ASHA Banglore) along with her team comprising a Occupational therapist and a Psychologist.

Since then coordinating a very active group of parents and professionals we have been providing services given utmost priority to the development of the children with Autism. Presently PAAC has 60 members.