In Hyderabad there were no Special schools for children with Autism. The existing Special schools for Multiple-disabled were unable to cater the needs of the children with Autism. Integrating these children into normal schools was a very difficult task to the parents. Some parents, frustrated with the educational strategies have joined together to form an Association, and that is how PAAC came into existence. Parents Association for Autistic Children is a registered association under the Societies Registration Act 1981. It was registered in February 2004.

One of our main objectives was to start a centre for children with Autism, we started a full time Activity Centre in June 2004. We underwent a small training programme conducted by Jayasree Ramesh (special educator trained in autism) from ASHA -Bangalore based special school for children with Autism. With the help of domestic and NRI donations we could procure some equipment.

Presently  we have around 50 members registered in the organization. We do the following activities at the centre:

  • We do informal assessment to each child and work accordingly.

  • We strictly believe in 1:1 ratio for learning activities and that is why most of the mothers work as volunteers in the centre.

  • We conduct workshops with the help of Professional trained in Autism for parents to enable them to learn more about their children.

  • We provide counseling to parents.

  • We provide home based programmes to parents (out-station).

  • We gather latest information on autism worldwide and disseminate the same to members.

  • We provide an opportunity for socialization and interaction with other children by bringing in the siblings and taking them to public places like park, restaurant, etc.