1. Organized a special interactive session with Mrs.Jayashree Ramesh of ASHA, Bangalore on developing a centre for children with Autism.

  1. Establishment of Autism Activity Centre for the children with Autism in June 2004.

  1. Creation of e-mail for easy access for parents to contact PAAC. E-mail id:

  1. Arranged for regular visits by Professionals from NIMH to our Centre during 2004-2005.

  1. Organized three day training to the facilitators at the Activity Centre in the month of July in 2004 by ASHA Team of experts headed by Mrs. Jayashree Ramesh from Bangalore.

  1. Regular visits by Professionals - Music, Occupational Therapy, Speech therapy and Dance therapy are arranged.

  1. Organizing for siblings to meet regularly during Social interaction programmes like visit to parks, Zoo etc.

  1. To reach out to general and rural public through extensive coverage in Door Darshan (Telugu and English) telecasted during July 2005 in DD-8, DD-1 and DD-2 (Metro) channels extensively, and in MAA TV during Jan 2006 (Telugu).

  1. Updating the latest research and developments, treatments, alternative methods and therapies followed all over the globe on Autism by interacting with other State, National and International Organizations by way of networking.

  1. Participating actively in the discussions on Autism through yahoo groups (Autism India) and also participated in different seminars conducted by various organizations including IRIS (Institute for Remedial Intervention Services, Chennai) headed by Mrs.Mythyly Chari.

  1. Organized Awareness workshops, during the month of December 2005, which was observed as “Autism Month” in India, involving the professionals in twin cities on different topics like Speech, Music, Bio-Medical Interventions, Food & Nutrition, Behavior Modification and Special Education methodologies.

  1. Organized a seminar on “Parents Perspective on Autism” on 5th January 2006, Smt. Jalaja Narayanan being the Chief Guest and Dr.S.Narayanan and Mr.Krishna Narayanan (an individual with Autism) as Guests of Honour, which was chaired by Sri. V.Ganga Rao, the then President of PAAC.

  1. Arranged the book release function of a novel written by Sri Krishna Narayanan on 5th January 2006. The Book “A Tender Melody” was released by Hon’ble Former Governor of Tamil Nadu, Sri P.S.Rama Mohana Rao. Justice Rangarajan, Hon’ble Former Justice of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh High Courts made their gracious presence.

  1. Started a joint campaign with Jana Vigyana Vedika, Hyderabad against Vaccines with mercury content and released pamphlets to create awareness.

  1. Facilitating & providing active support for Mothers to have contact classes for three months “Parents training Programme” IGNOU Course on awareness, run by Helen Keller’s Institute in the year 2006-07.

  1. Submitted a Memorandum to Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India to recognize Autism as a separate entity by amending Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 during Nov 2006.

  2. Organized a 3 day workshop on “Understanding an Autistic Child” for the Parents and Professional with Mrs. Swapna Thampi Nair (Resource person specially trained in U.S.A) during 01-03 December 2006.

  1. Participated actively with NIMH (National Institute for Mentally Handicapped) in formulating an assessment tool for diagnosis of autism in March 2007.

  1. Organized a Two-day Workshop conducted by Ms.Manjula Kalyan, Director to Swayamkrushi during 21st and 22nd of November 2007 on topics like legal issues, vocational training etc.

  1. With the help of our member Mr.Vijay Bhasker Reddy and SV Computer Solutions, we made a website for our Organization in the month of December 2007.

  2. Organized a Two-day workshop conducted by Ms.Lakshmi Ravindra Director to Saaburi along with her staff during 14th and 15th of December. The workshop helped in training the parents on teaching strategies and behavioral modification.

  1. Research Scholars of IIT Delhi Ms.Snehalata and Mr.Yogender Rao have visited our Centre and shown keen interest in developing an electronic device which helps in reading the electro magnetic waves in the brain of children with Autism, which could further help in behavioral modification and special education. Organized an interactive session with Dr.Dhananjaya a Naturopathy doctor. He gave a presentation as to how the condition of Autism can be improved with natural methods. Some of the parents have started the treatment for their children and found considerable improvement in many aspects.

  1. Organized a workshop on 7th February 2009 in the subjects of Nutrition and Occupational therapy. As children with autism have many problems like food allergies and absorption of vitamins, this workshop helped the parents in understanding and solving their child’s problems.

  1. Organized the visit of The Collector of Rangareddy District Mr.Dhana Kishore I.A.S. to our activity Centre on July 30th 2009. He was accompanied by another Senior I.A.S. officer Mr. Sai Prasad and Assistant Director of disability Department Mr.Permanas. His visit lasted for an hour during which he not only interacted with the Parents but also with the teachers on various issues of Autism and related problems. The visit ended on a happy note with the Collector in consultation with his Senior I.A.S. officer had proposed to allot 1000 sq.yds land with building for the working of the Activity Centre.

  1. Conducting an awareness programme on 2nd April 2012 (Autism Awareness Day) in our Activity Centre. There was also a workshop on the same day on topics relating to Communication and Socialization in children with autism.

  1. Conducted a workshop on 20th October 2012 in our centre to create awareness about Vocational Training among the parents and teachers of PAAC. Mr. Ramjoga Rao, President of PARIVAAR was the resource person of the workshop. Parivaar organization donated a sewing machine on this occasion.

  1. Co-ordinated with JCI (Junior Chamber International) and conducted talent programmes for the children with Autism in the month of August 2013.

  1. Conducted a workshop on Yoga from feb 2nd to 6th ,2016 to disseminate information on Yoga and its benefits for children with Autism. A team of teachers from Praful Orja Foundation (Banglore)  has visited the Centre and trained the children and the parents.

  1. Conducted a workshop on alternative therapies  in the month of October 2016. Mrs Dr.Suman Saraf was the resource person. Her recommendations on certain diets for children with Autism helped the children to overcome their behavioral problems.

  1. Received best NGO Award from the State Government  for working for children with Autism  on Dec 3rd 2016.