• To create a conducive environment in the community for persons with autism.

  • To train, educate and counsel family members, guardians, caretakers of persons with autism.

  • To arrange for educational facilities, training, professional help, medical help, sensory therapy and other therapies and a common pool of resources such as toys, teaching aids etc.

  • To set up respite care centre, foster family care or day care service centers for persons with autism.

  • To arrange for the provision of medical information, regarding the development, identification, intervention, treatment and therapies.

  • To work towards the provision of specialized educational institutions and also for the inclusion of these children into regular schools.

  • To render all services for the well being of persons with autism irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion and race.

Presently we are doing the following activities towards achieving the above objectives:

  1. Creating awareness on Autism by publication of pamphlets, publication of articles in newspapers, coverage's in popular local and national TV channels etc.

  2. Organizing workshops thereby providing training facilities to the parents and caretakers of the children with Autism.

  3. Counseling of Parents, those who visit our Centre with specific needs and queries and suggesting the suitable methods to be followed.

  4. Providing for home based programmers for out station children.

  5. Arranging for regular visits by Professionals of Music, Dance, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Modification therapy and Speech therapy.

  6. Organizing siblings meet regularly along with Social interaction programmes like visit to parks, Zoo etc...

  7. Knowing the latest developments on research, treatment, alternative methods and therapies followed all over the globe on Autism by interacting with other State Organizations, National Organizations and International Organizations through usage of e-mail and internet.

  8. Visiting other related schools through which we update our teaching strategies.

  9. Participating actively in the discussions on subject through yahoo groups (Autism India) on Autism and also participated in different seminars conducted by various organizations including IRIS (Institute for Remedial Intervention Services, Chennai).

  10. Providing guidance to students who attend National Open School.

  11. PAAC has a very good collection of Books giving information on various aspects regarding autism. We also have educational books and CD which help in the development of Children with Autism.